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One of the fundamental benefits of Drawing Manager is the ability to have virtually any Revision Format / Sequence needed on your Revit sheets and not being limited by restrictions of revision sequences natively within Revit itself.

The built in Revit revision system restricts you to using either Alphanumeric or Numeric revision sequence but you need to predefine the sequence ahead of time to suit what you may need. This is an improvement in Revit native revisions but still not as flexible as revisions using Drawing Manager by comparison.

With Drawing Manager the Revisions are stored outside of Revit in the SQL database meaning that you can utilize any Revision sequence or system as may be required to suit your company standards or the specific project needs.

As such adding revisions to drawing sheets should be done from within Drawing Manager whereby a historical record of revisions is maintained in the Drawing Manager database and then synchronize back to your Revit Project.

In addition to this revisions with Drawing Manager are also tied directly to the Project Status so therefore you could have revisions on a sheet from say A-F under the Developed Design Project Status but then essentially reset your revisions allowing you to then go back to start from Rev A again if you change the Project Status to say Construction Drawings.

To add Revisions to Sheets using Drawing Manager Select a sheet from the data grid of the Main Interface then click the Edit button to edit the Sheet Information and go to the Revisions Tab.

Add: click to Add a sheet Revision row to the panel below and enter a Revision Date and Revision comment

Delete: select an existing revision from the panel below and click the Delete button to delete that revision from the sheet

Revision Stamp: select a Revision Stamp to be used from the pre-determined list if required which will then be used as the Amendment comment below.  the Revision Stamp list is defined from the Config dialog box.

Display Maximum: if required you can set the maximum number of Revisions to be displayed in the Revision Schedule which will be considered a Revision Override when enabled and consequently cause the sheet to be displayed RED in the main data grid

Group by Project Status: tick the checkbox to first of all enable the override and then select either YES or NO to override the option that may have been previously defined under the Titleblock configuration Settings separately.