This tab contains a ‘List’ of all the various Revision Stamps within Drawing manager that you may wish to use with your Revit project which of course like all other lists you can modify as required.

You can choose the required revision behaviour in terms of the clouds or revision tags themselves when synchronizing back to Revit as these simply mimic the options available with Revit by default.

In order for Drawing manager to synchronize with your Revision Tag family in your project you can either use the RTV family provided free or map the parameter names from your own Revision Tag family into Drawing Manager instead (remember these are case sensitive).

To configure your Revision stamp list go to The Project Settings tab of the Ribbon > click Configuration button > go to the Revisions Tab of the Project Configuration Dialog Box as shown below.

DM Config button

Hide Previous: select from one of the four options to define what happens to previous revision clouds and tags on the same sheet.  Note this does not ‘delete’ the previous revisions but simply hides them on the sheet if enabled.

Revision Tag: if you want to link your revisions to existing Revision Clouds on a sheet and then tag the revision clouds then tick the checkbox and define the Tag family to be used by clicking the Browse button.  In the Parameter fields below enter the Parameter names to be used in the Tag family for synchronisation remembering that Parameter names are case sensitive.