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Report Designer is a bundled application included with Drawing Manager which allows users to customise and edit your own Transmittal Reports as required.

There are a number of pre-formatted Report styles provided with Drawing Manager however you will most likely want to edit these to suit your needs and incorporate company logos etc.

To access the Report Designer click the Transmittal Report button from the Home Tab of the ribbon as shown below.

DM Transmittal Report button

On the Transmittal Reports dialog box select one of the pre-formatted default report styles as a starting point for which to edit and then click the Edit button to launch Report Designer.

Using the Report Designer Tools you have the ability to modify and customise a report style to the layout that you require and save it to become your default Report Template.

To save time and provide assistance to our customers, the development team at RTV Tools can provide you with your desired Report Template by contacting