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In order to create a Drawing Manager SQL project database for your current Revit Project you will need to make sure you have saved your current Revit Project with the required file name first as Drawing Manager will name the SQL database to match your Revit Project file name.

If you have not saved your Revit project before launching Drawing Manager you will receive the following dialog display message.

Once your Revit Project has been saved then launch RTV Tools Drawing Manager from the RTV Tools ribbon tab by clicking the Drawing Manager button.

When you launch Drawing manager for the very first time when working with either an existing or newly created Revit Project, it will then create the corresponding DM project database within the designated SQL server whereby the DM database name will match the actual Revit Project filename

It is important to remember this moving forward as it is not uncommon for the actual Revit model filename to change for one reason or another, and if so then this will in turn loose the connection to the DM database as the filenames between Revit and DM no longer match. Should this situation occur it can easily be overcome between Drawing Manager and the SQL database.

Upon launching Drawing Manager with your Revit Project for the first time you will receive the New Project Dialog box with a number of options to choose from prior to creating the SQL database as shown below.

Create a new database using the built-in RTV Tools Template: if selected will create a new SQL database using the default RTV Tools Drawing Manager Template settings (you can modify as required after database creation)

Create a new database using the built-in BS 1192:2007 Template: if selected will create a new SQL database using the default preconfigured Brittish Standard 1192:2007 compliance Template settings.

Create a new database using a saved Company Template: if selected will allow you to select from a drop down list of your preconfigured Company Drawing Manager Templates for compliance to company protocols and standards.

Create a new database using an existing project for the Template: use this option only if you want to ‘clone’ an existing Drawing Manager SQL database used for a previous Revit project or if your current Revit Project file has been saved under a new name in order to re-establish the previous project SQL database.

Once the Database is created within SQL then you will be presented with the main Drawing Manager User Interface.

SQL Server Setup

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