RTV Xporter Selection Filters standard

For large Revit projects containing numerous Sheets and Views it can be a time consuming exercise sifting through them in order to find and select the required data especially if you need to repeat this on a regular basis. With Xporter there are two different filtering mechanisms available to assist in Searching for specific content in the data grid – using the Find and Search Panel or by using Auto Row Filtering. Find and Search Panel By default the Find and Search panel is turned off in Xporter. To enable the Find and Search panel click the blue magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the Xporter window as shown below. Once enabled you will see the Find ...

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RTV Xporter Upgrade Files standard

Xporter also includes a File Upgrade Utility that can be used to upgrade not only family files, but also actual project files and template files. You can also incorporate a Prefix/Suffix as part of the new File name if desired. When upgrading Revit Project files you will also have options to account for Auditing files, Compacting files, Detach from central, open all Worksets, relinquish worksets, set maximum number of backups etc. In addition to this you can Analyse a directory to ascertain the number of files contained in that directory which will be upgraded, and also once completed a Log file will be automatically generated that will capture any files that were not able to be upgraded and skipped as ...

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RTV Xporter Checking for Updates standard

RTV Tools are constantly adding new features and enhancements to our products to cater for end user requests and functionality therefore it is a good idea to regularly check for any product updates that may be available. To do so just launch Xporter and from the main interface click the Check for Updates button from the ribbon. Xporter will then check with the RTV Tools website if a newer build number of your product is available and then display a dialog box similar to below advising if your product is up to date or if there is an update available for you to download. When an update is available such as indicated above it is recommended to select the first ...

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