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With RTV Paint you can select predefined colours from the various manufacturers colour book files or you can use the Colour Picker to select your own user defined colour from the colour wheel.  The RTV Paint app will then find the closest matching colour from the current colour book chart along with similar and complimentary colours.

To use the colour picker option launch the RTV Paint plug-in.

First of All you must choose a manufacturers colour book collection from the Colourbook library drop down and then click on the Colour Picker button to launch the Colour Picker dialog box.

On the Colour Picker dialog box click on the colour wheel to define a colour or you can use the RGB value fields to enter values manually which will then display the sample colour swatch below.  You can use the vertical slider to adjust ‘brightness’ or again manually enter values for the Hue / Saturation / Brightness and the sample colour swatch will update accordingly.

The Range Slider below the colour wheel allows you to increase or decrease the number of resulting colours in the same range as your user defined colour from the manufacturers colour book once you click OK.

Once you click OK you will be returned to the main RTV Paint interface and depending on the settings you defined on the Colour Picker dialog box you should then see a list of manufacturers colours from the current colourbook file within the same range to choose from and then the Similar / complimentary colours as appropriate.

Depending on the colour book file you have selected and the user defined colour that you are trying to filter by RTV Paint may not always be able to find matching colours in order to display them in which case you may receive the following notification.