If you are needing to create a new Report Template from scratch then the Report Wizard provides an alternative starting point using a default layout to get you going rather than literally starting with a blank template the way you would if using the Report Designer tool to create a new Report.

Before using the Report Wizard first of all make sure that you have got the required parameter columns laid out on the Category Tab as the Report wizard will then read the data grid for the respective categories.

Below is an example of the Furniture Category and parameter columns laid out in the Data Grid to then be used by the Report Wizard.

Reporter Furniture categories in data grid

You then click the Report Wizard button from the ribbon to launch the Report Designer Interface.

Reporter Report wizard Button

Reporter Report wizard layout

This will then give you a default starting point layout for the report as per above example from which you can then proceed to modify the report.

Using the Report Designer Tools you have the ability to modify and customise a report style to the layout that you require and save it to become your default Report Template.

To save time and provide assistance to our customers, the development team at RTV Tools can also assist you with your desired Report Template by contacting support@rtvtools.com