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The main reason for using RTV Reporter is primarily to extract the LIVE model data from the Revit Project Database on the fly and then be able to present that data by way of a report.

Using the Report Designer functionality built in to RTV Reporter you can therefore graphically layout and present the live Revit Data virtually any way you like similar to an Excel Spreadsheet whether it be a purely text based report or to include images / thumbnails etc.

As such you can design a Report Template which will then form the basis of any report you may require such as (but not limited to) the following examples;

  • Project budget estimates by category which could include for a summary graph/pie chart to easily and visually see where the costs in the project are by category
  • Room schedule of finishes / materials
  • Room Data Sheets
  • Door hardware schedules which may include thumbnail images
  • Furniture schedules which may include thumbnail images

Reporter Cost Estimate Sample

Reporter Furniture Report Sample

Reporter Hardware Schedule Sample