To add a Family Parameter Binding ensure first of all that you have the required Revit Family (.rfa) file open in your current Revit session and then launch Shared Parameter Manager where you will see all of the tools on the Family Parameter Tab of the ribbon are active and available for use.

If you don’t currently have a family file open in your Revit Session and have a Revit Project file (.rvt) open instead then some of the tools on the Family Parameter tab will be greyed out and unavailable.

Select the required Shared Parameter(s) from the SPM data grid that you are wanting to create the binding for to the open Revit Family File.  You can either select individual parameters or multiple parameters at a time to create the binding(s) then click the Parameter Properties button from the Ribbon.

SPM select family parameters

SPM Parameter Properties button

Depending on whether you have selected an individual parameter or multiple parameters the following Define Family Parameter dialog box will look slightly different.  Enter the required Family Parameter values as required and click OK to exit the dialog box.

In the data grid you will then see the columns populated with the data entered.

Note: the family parameter data entered does not get permanently stored in the SPM SQL database even though it is displayed at the time in the data grid.  If you exit out of SPM and go back in the columns in the data grid will be blank again.

While the Family Parameter values are displayed for the selected Shared Parameters click the Add Parameter button on the ribbon to created the binding for the currently open Revit Family file.

SPM Add Parameter binding button

The Family parameter binding(s) will then be created in the open Revit Family file and you will see a confirmation dialog box once completed.

If you then check your open Revit Family you will see the parameter binding has been created and available for use.