As you are no doubt aware, just like we can bind a Project Parameter to a Shared Parameter, there is the need to Bind Family Parameters to a Shared parameter.

In doing so it is not enough that the Parameter Name needs to match between the Revit Family and the Revit Project file, the GUID ID must also match in order for things to work as they should.

Given that you cannot see the GUID related to a Parameter either in a Project or Family file environment with Revit natively this can make it difficult to ascertain when you only see the Parameter Name in Revit.

Therefore SPM can make this process much easier to manage between the Project File and the Family File as SPM displays the GUID ID for the Shared Parameter used by both.

With Shared Parameter Manager you can either manage Family Parameters on an individual basis or at a Folder level which will then be applied to ALL sub folders / files contained therein.