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This option is designed to allow you to remove any existing binding between a Project Parameter and a Shared Parameter then replace with a new binding between required Project Parameter and Shared parameter in the currently open Revit Project file.

If doing this process it is likely that The Project Parameter in the existing Revit project to be replaced will also contain related parameter data in the Revit Database. As such if you simply just delete the Parameter then you will also delete any associated data out of the model with it.

For this reason the Replace Parameter Binding tool in SPM will create the new replacement Project Parameter Binding first, pull through the ‘data values’ from the old parameter to the new Replacement Parameter, and then remove the old Project Parameter binding meaning no loss of data from the model.

Generate the new Replacement Parameter first which will be used to replace the current project parameter binding.

Select the Shared Parameter to be used as the replacement parameter from the data grid first and then click the Replace Binding button from the Project Parameters tab of the ribbon.

SPM Replace Parameter binding button

SPM replace parameter select

Select the ‘Original’ Parameter used in the current Revit Project from the drop down list as shown below.  This will allow the new replacement parameter to be created in your Revit Project database and copy through any data entered for the original parameter before removing it from the database.

If you were then to check your Revit project again you would now see the Original Parameter has been removed and replaced by the New Replacement parameter but still retains the original parameter data value as per below example.

SPM Replaced parameter confirmed