Binding is the term used to describe the process of a Shared Parameter that is ‘bound’ to a Revit Project File which you have no doubt done many times within Revit natively. This occurs when you create user defined Project Parameters based on a preconfigured Shared Parameter File.

Selected Shared parameters are used to form the basis of a Project Parameter so long as the following properties have already been defined in the Shared Parameter first;

  • Group parameter under – The heading that the parameters are grouped by within the Revit Properties palette
  • Instance or Type – define if the project parameter is Instance or Type based
  • Categories –The category(s) associated with the project parameter

When a Shared Parameter Managed by SPM is bound to the open Revit Project File in the background you will see those Parameters displayed in BOLD text on the data grid.

If the Parameter Names match but the GUIDs are different then it will cause issues as a result and you are not able to see the GUID associated to a Shared Parameter from within Revit natively.

With Shared Parameter Manager you can either manage Project Parameters on an individual basis or at a Folder level which will then be applied to ALL sub folders / files contained therein.