From Xporter Pro 2018 and future releases the Remote Server functionality has now been replaced with the newer RTV Scheduler interface instead.  Users with Xporter Pro 2017 or older versions will still need to use the Remote Server GUI interface as outlined below.

The Xporter Pro Remote server GUI is intended for use by BIM Managers within Large organisations for advanced options to configure Remote scheduled tasks using Shared Network Locations from a designated Server on your network.

In order to use the Xporter Pro Remote Server utility you will need to have installed both Revit and Xporter Pro applications on the Server itself as the machine that will process the Remote tasks.  Once installed navigate to the following default directory where you will find the required executable.

C:\Program Files\RTV Tools\Xporter Pro 2017\RTVRemoteServerGUI.exe

Once the required Watch Folders have been entered the will be constantly polled by the Remote Server looking for any new Remote jobs to be processed (you can set the frequency from the Settings Tab).


 Xporter pro remote Server Task tab

Task / Jobs tab

This tab will display a list of all Remote jobs details that are queued for processing once they have been setup.  You can select a job and click the Run Now button to manually start the job if required, disable or delete the job.

Xporter pro remote Server Task qeue

Settings Tab

Watch Folders panel:

Remote Server will list all defined shares on the current server.  Using Windows Share function define the server shares folders for the remote tasks that will be accessible from the client computers.  You can add as many watch folders as required, delete Watch Folders and Save the list of current Watch Folders as a .xml file for the client machines to read with Xporter Pro.

Xporter Remote Server add watch folder Add Folders: Click the button to add required watch Folder Share locations and enter a Description for each Share (recommended)

Xporter Pro Remote Server delete watch folder Delete Folder: Click the button to remove an existing Watch Folder Share location

Xporter Pro Remote Server save watch folder Export Folder: click to create a .xml file that will be used by Xporter Pro on client machines.  Save to a network location that can be accessed by the client machines for the Remote Folder Configuration File. The default filename is <ServerName>_RemoteFolders.xml

Install Server Application:

Click the Install Server button to create a new Window task on the server that will automatically continuously run at the defined time interval.  The minimum value is every 5 minutes and the maximum is every 1 hour.  This task checks the watch folders for new remote tasks that have been defined by the client computers.

Xporter Pro Remote Server install

Program Locations:

If you have more than one version of Revit installed on your machine then you can the appropriate Revit Release buttons below to define which Revit.exe is to be used by Xporter Pro on the server when processing tasks.

In addition to this you will also need to click the corresponding Remote button to define the associated RTVXporterProStartRevit.exe used by Xporter pro.

The default location for this file is the RTV Xporter Pro folder: C:\Program Files\RTV Tools\Xporter Pro 2016\ RTVXporterProStartRevit.exe

Xporter Pro Remote Server program locations

Client Computer Setup

Once everything has been configured on the Remote Server you will then be able to use the Remote Task option via the Xporter Pro Task Scheduler dialog on the Client machines.