From Xporter Pro 2018 and future releases the Remote Server functionality has now been replaced with the newer RTV Scheduler interface instead.  Users with Xporter Pro 2017 or older versions will still need to use the Remote Server GUI interface as outlined below.

The Remote function is accessed from the main RTV Tools tab of the Revit Ribbon on the Xporter Pro panel.

This will display the Xporter pro Remote window instead of the full Xporter Pro user interface whereby you will see only the settings and options required to set up a Remote task configuration.

In order to do this you must have already generated all the necessary .xml configuration files via the main user interface such as Revit Sheet / View Sets and Export / Print Batch Process configurations

Ribbon Options

Batch Process: displays the Batch Process panel below for Revit Sheets and Revit Views to define required configuration files

Task Scheduler: displays the Task Scheduler panel below where you can create, edit or delete Scheduled tasks

Task Logs: displays the Task Logs panel below

Task Dialog Settings: will display the Task Dialog Settings dialog box.

Click the Browse button to select your Revit Project file to be used with the Remote batch process.  Once selected you will see the file path displayed adjacent to the browse button.

Note: you do not need to have the Revit file which you are wanting to run the batch process on open at the time.

On the Model File List dialog box you can load in the required Revit Project files and define an Export Folder Location override if necessary as per below example.

Xporter Pro Model File List dialog

If any of your loaded projects are workset enabled then you will be asked to configure the Worksharing and Project File Archiving options for each row as per below prompt.  By clicking on the Worksharing and Archiving Options button it will launch the Worksharing Options dialog box to configure accordingly.

Xporter Pro Define worksharing prompt

From here you would proceed to load the required previously saved .xml files for Revit Sheet Sets, Revit View Sets, Filters, Export/print configs etc as shown below.

Sheets/Views panel buttons:

Xporter Pro Load view set icon Click to load a previously defined View Set .xml file

Xporter Pro Load sheet filter icon Click to load a previously defined Sheet/View Filter .xml file

Click to save the active Sheet/View list to .xml file

Click to load a previously saved Sheet/View list .xml file

Use the up or down arrows to re-order loaded Sheets/views as required

Click to remove the selected Sheet/View from the batch process dialog

Export/Print Config panel buttons:

Click to load a previously defined Export Config .xml file

Click to remove a selected Export or Print Config from the Batch Process dialog

Use the up or down arrows to re-order loaded Export/Print configs as required

Click to define application macros that will execute prior to exporting sheets or views

Click to Save the active Sheets/Views batch process to .xml file for future use

Click to Load a previously saved Sheets/Views batch process .xml file