RTV Xporter Pro Scheduler standard

Important: From Xporter Pro 2018 and future releases the Remote Server functionality has now been replaced with the newer RTV Scheduler interface instead as outlined below.  Users with Xporter Pro 2017 or older versions will still need to use the Remote Server GUI interface instead. The Xporter Pro Scheduler GUI is intended for use by BIM Managers within Large organisations for advanced options to configure Remote Scheduled Tasks using Shared Network Locations from a designated Server on your network. In order to use the Xporter Pro Scheduler utility you will need to have installed both Revit and Xporter Pro applications on the Remote Server itself as the machine that will process the Remote tasks.  Once Xporter Pro 2018 or later ...

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RTV Scheduler User Interface standard

Once Xporter Pro 2018 or later is installed you will need to either navigate to the following default location in order to launch the RTV Scheduler GUI interface; C:\Program Files\RTV Tools\Xporter Pro 2018\RTVXporterProScheduler.exe Or you can click the RTV Scheduler shortcut from the Programs Menu as shown below Once Launched you will see the Main User interface for RTV Scheduler as per below. Home Tab: Previous: Click to move to the previous task within the visible area of the view Next: Click to move to the next task within the visible area of the view Queue List: Click to launch the Queue list window which will display Task Status in the queue Queue Monitor: Click to manually start the Queue ...

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