RTV Drawing Manager Replace Text standard

With the Replace Text feature you can search for a particular text in the Sheet Name or Sheet Title columns of the main data grid in order to be replaced with new text. From the Home Tab of the Ribbon click the Replace Text button as shown below. On the Sheet Information – Replace Text dialog box enter the ‘Text’ to Find and then the new Replacement Text as per below example.  Use the tickboxes to replace text in the Sheet Name Column, Sheet Title Column or both. Append New Line: if enabled will add a carriage return at the end of the replacement text

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RTV Drawing Manager Export Revision Data standard

This option allows you to export the sheet revision data to an Excel file for use outside of Revit if required. From the Home tab of the ribbon click the Export Revision Data button as shown below. You will then see a dialog box similar to below displaying Sheet Revision data that can be exported to Excel. You can group by the Column Headers within the Revision data dialog box if required and then click the Export button. Navigate to the required output location and assign a file name as required to generate the Excel (.xlsx) export file.

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