You may by now have noticed that each time you go in and out of SPM the Family Parameters Tab refreshes and does not hold the previously entered data for each Parameter as it is not actually stored within the SQL database or the Shared Parameter text files.

For this reason there is the Save Schema and Restore Schema buttons on the Family Parameters tab of the ribbon.

The Save Schema button allows you to export out the Parameter Data values for all of the Family Parameters to an .xml file before you exit out of SPM.

You can create as many schemas as you like using the same Family Parameters even though the data values might change and name the schema’s accordingly.

Once saved a schema can then be restored at a later date that will then populate the Parameter data values for each Family Parameter as they were when the schema was created.

To Restore a data grid schema launch SPM where you should see the data grid contains no values for the Shared Parameters required such as below example.

SPM restore data schema selection

Click the Restore Schema button from the ribbon and then browse to the required .xml scheme file saved on your network.

SPM Restore schema button

You should then see the data grid populate with the Parameter values used when the Schema file was saved to begin with.