Perhaps the most impressive and beneficial aspect of Xporter Pro which can save you literally hours of wasted unproductive time is the fact that you can create multiple Batch configurations for both Exporting and Printing then save them so they can be scheduled as a task to run after hours.

When the scheduled task runs it will automatically open a session of Revit, open the project file, systematically start generating the export file formats and physical prints based on your settings held in the configuration files, and then close the Revit session when completed.

This of course means that all of these processes can be done simultaneously by Xporter Pro after hours so that you don’t need to have your machine tied up during normal working hours waiting for such operations to be performed.

After the scheduled tasks have been completed then the digital export files will be available for you in the designated output folders and physical prints will be sitting on your printers when you arrive at work the following day.

On the ribbon you will find the Batch Process & Schedule panel which contains the tools to display the corresponding palettes to the right of the main user interface.

Batch Process

To create a Batch Process select required sheet/ Views from the main Xporter Pro data grid so they can be ‘imported’ to the Batch Process Palette on the right.

Once required sheets/views are listed you can Save the Sheet List/View List as an .xml file.

Load in the required .xml configuration files for exporting to various file types which you can create from the Export dialog box and then save your configuration as another .xml file.  If required you can run the Batch process manually straight away by clicking the Run Batch Process button or it can be set up as a Scheduled Task instead to run after hours.

Add: Revit Sheets or Views to Batch Process Palette

Remove: Revit Sheets or Views to Batch Process Palette

Xporter Pro Batch View Sets Displays a list of previously saved View Sets or Sheet Sets to select from.

Xporter Pro Batch Load Set button Load View Set: Loads the selected Sheet / View Set displayed in the View Set window.

Xporter Pro Batch Load All Sets button Load All Sheets: Load a predefined All Sheets Filter to export sheet lists.

Xporter Pro Batch Load Sheet Filter button Load Sheet/View Filter: Loads a previously saved Sheet or View Filter

Xporter Pro Batch Save Sheet list button Save Sheet/View List: Saves the active Sheet or View list

Xporter Pro Batch Load Sheet List button Load Sheet/View list: Loads a previously saved Sheet or View list file to the batch process window

Xporter Pro Batch Move up button Move: Moves selected Sheets/Views up or down in the Batch Process Window

Xporter Pro Batch Load Batch file button Load Batch Config: Loads a previously saved Export or Print configuration file to the Batch Process window (Note: you can load multiple configurations at a time)

Xporter Pro Batch Remove Batch file button Remove Batch Config: Removes a configuration file from the Batch Process window

Xporter Pro Batch macros button Application Macros: Define any Application Macros (Revit Macros) to be executed prior to running Batch Process Export

Xporter Pro save batch process button Save Batch Process: Saves the active Revit Views and Sheets configuration as a Batch Configuration

Xporter Pro Load batch process button Load Batch Process: Loads a previously saved Batch process file to the Batch Process Palette

Xporter Pro run batch process button Run Batch Process: Click to manually run the active Batch Process Configuration

Xporter Pro Worksharing button Worksharing Options: Click to launch the Work Sharing Options dialog box to configure Worksharing settings prior to running Batch Process.  (Note: only available for Workset enabled projects)