RTV Reporter Export Data to Excel standard

With Reporter you have the ability once you have formatted the Data Grid the way you wanted it to appear for each Category Tab including any Calculated Columns etc to also Export each Category tab to an excel spreadsheet if required. By exporting to Excel it will maintain the formatting and layout that you have got in the Reporter Data Grid. In the below example using the Walls Category you can see the Data Grid has been formatted as required including grouping by Wall Type which will be Exported to Excel. To Export click on the Export button from the ribbon, select whether to export only the CURRENT category tab or ALL category tabs, and browse to the location on ...

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RTV Reporter Parameter Data Reporting standard

The main reason for using RTV Reporter is primarily to extract the LIVE model data from the Revit Project Database on the fly and then be able to present that data by way of a report. Using the Report Designer functionality built in to RTV Reporter you can therefore graphically layout and present the live Revit Data virtually any way you like similar to an Excel Spreadsheet whether it be a purely text based report or to include images / thumbnails etc. As such you can design a Report Template which will then form the basis of any report you may require such as (but not limited to) the following examples; Project budget estimates by category which could include for ...

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RTV Reporter Report Designer standard

Report Designer is a bundled application included with RTV Reporter which allows users to customise and edit your own Reports Templates as required. There are a number of pre-formatted Report styles provided with Drawing Manager however you will most likely want to edit these to suit your needs and incorporate company logos etc. To access the Report Designer click the button from the ribbon as shown below. On the Revit Categories dialog box select one or more Categories to be used in the Report by ticking the check boxes or you can chose to merge all categories into a single dataset if required. You can then chose whether you want to create a new report template or edit an existing ...

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RTV Reporter Report Wizard standard

If you are needing to create a new Report Template from scratch then the Report Wizard provides an alternative starting point using a default layout to get you going rather than literally starting with a blank template the way you would if using the Report Designer tool to create a new Report. Before using the Report Wizard first of all make sure that you have got the required parameter columns laid out on the Category Tab as the Report wizard will then read the data grid for the respective categories. Below is an example of the Furniture Category and parameter columns laid out in the Data Grid to then be used by the Report Wizard. You then click the Report ...

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RTV Reporter Generate a Report standard

Once you have already created Report Templates either for specific categories or a multi-category Report Template you can then of course use them to generate an actual report for the current Revit Project. Load all the required Revit Categories and ensure the column layouts for each Category tab is configured accordingly then click the Report button from the ribbon. You can then select the required categories to be used in the Report you are about to generate. Then you can select the required Report Template file (.repx file) the you have previously created and saved which will then launch the Report preview window as per below example. From here you can then Save the resulting Report file or use any ...

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RTV Reporter – Checking for Updates standard

RTV Tools are constantly adding new features and enhancements to our products to cater for end user requests and functionality therefore it is a good idea to regularly check for any product updates that may be available. To do so just launch Reporter and from the main interface click the Check for Updates button from the ribbon. Reporter will then check with the RTV Tools website if a newer build number of your product is available and then display a dialog box similar to below advising if your product is up to date or if there is an update available for you to download.

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