With RTV Tools Shared Parameter Manager you can manager your Shared Parameter files that Revit uses for both Project Parameters and Family Parameters.

You may have more than one Shared Parameter File present within your organisation however Revit of course can only reference a single parameter .txt file at a time.

Using Shared Parameter manager you can manage multiple parameter .txt files stored in the SQL database, create new Shared Parameters, Import/Export Shared Parameters, and even Move / Copy / Clone Shared Parameters within the same Shared Parameter File or between Shared Parameter Files.

In order to Manage multiple Parameter Files you must add them via the Manage Shared Parameter Files dialog as per below which will then add them to the SQL database.

SPM Manage multiple SPF files

If you select anyone of the loaded Shared Parameter Files and then click the Set Current button this will then change the Shared parameter File that is actively being used by your Revit Application.